Since 2001, we’ve been providing fast and efficient

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services across Canberra

By using the most innovative systems for real estate sales and marketing (including the most important online platforms) we ensure your deadlines are taken into consideration and that we get the highest possible price in today’s market.

Our service is backed by

qualifications and experience

that are second to none in Canberra.

With a lifetime of combined real estate expertise as well as our own in-house licensed builder, our clients enjoy getting advice on topics such as maintenance they can’t get anywhere else.
And whilst many of the franchise and larger agencies experience high turnover in staff, our close-knit team has kept constant over the years, which has given us time to learn exactly what our clients want.

Free Online Property Estimate

We’ve teamed up with one of Australia’s leading Real Estate data providers to give you the power of “Big Data” for your home. Get an instant estimate of how much your home may be worth in today’s market looking at factors such as recently sold homes in your area, the size of your land, number of bedrooms and bathrooms and other elements that our tool takes into consideration.

Discover your equity

with a free, no obligation
Market Appraisal
of your property.

Whether you’re planning the next chapter of your life or looking to change your investment portfolio, there is no more powerful tool than to know the equity you have in your property.

Your home is unique

and we’ll show you exactly which features will have

value to buyers.

Many people think it’s just their land and dwelling that are valuable, but the truth is every single property has unique features that will be worth different amounts to different people. Whether it’s a block with certain zoning or nearby access to popular schools, we’ll completely assess our property and report back to you with the special characteristics that will help you get the top price in today’s market.

Get the statistics that
matter most

and uncover the story behind the numbers that
will drive your decision.

With each appraisal, we carefully evaluate your property against similar homes that have recently sold in your street and suburb. We’ll show you the data around current market activity, conditions and supply vs. demand of properties just like yours.

Our in-house licensed builder will assess

cost effective renovations
that will create profit.

As an agency run by a fully qualified builder, we’ll give you unique insights into specific home improvement projects that will give your house an edge over the competition. From a fresh coat of paint to new skirting boards, we’ll provide you with a written report of recommendations that could make a big difference to your sale price.

Get your free copy of our special report

“10 Tips You Must Know Before Selling
Your Home”

Evaluate the best method to sell

Is it Auction, Private Treaty,
Buyer Ranged or Price

We’ll give you advice that best suits you and your home, not our agency. Having a detailed strategy and plan puts you on the front foot when negotiating the best price for your property.

Knowledge on legal obligations

that will ensure you sell safely.

If you’ve ever read a piece of ACT Legislation, you’ll know how confusing these legal documents can be. As an agency with almost 2 decades of experience, we’ll show you exactly what your legal compliance obligations are and how to ensure you meet them when listing your property for sale.

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