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About Us

When we opened our doors back in 2001, our focus was on new ideas and technology.

We’ve been innovating ever since.

For many it may seem like yesterday, but cast your mind back to the beginning of the millennium.

The year was 2001; our tellies were just starting to go digital, Gretel Killeen was dominating our TV screens and those of us who were actually using the internet were still confined to dial-up.

Our founder and agency principal, Peter Tolhurst, had just left one of Canberra’s top Real Estate agencies at the time, Reg Daly Group. After winning numerous awards as one of the top agents for the company he was eventually offered shares in what would come to be the Independent Group, which he politely declined.

Peter had his heart and mind set on an even bigger goal.

Building his own agency here in the ACT offering exceptional client service, top Real Estate results and new ideas for the industry backed by the innovation that the internet was starting to bring. In fact, we were one of the first Real Estate agencies in Canberra to even have a website – which is how we ended up with such a powerful online address.

The internet would not soon forget: was officially born. Offering “E-Appraisals” and listing properties for sale online was something only few had heard of.

Imagine that, a world without online Real Estate listings? That was reality for most back in 2001.

Since then, we’ve continuously built on our reputation as one of Canberra’s most innovative agencies; including our instant Online Property Estimate based on “Big Data” and giving both Tenant’s and Owner’s alike access to their own Online Portal.

 It’s with innovation like this that proudly profess our title as one of Canberra’s best Real Estate agencies, offering our clients better service, better care and better results for their property.

Principal, Real Estate Australia

Peter Tolhurst

“There’s an art to being successful in the Real Estate industry.

It requires more than talent and professional commitment. The magic ingredient is passion; we live and breathe what we do and generate individual energy and enthusiasm, lifting our agency above the rest.

We provide a higher standard of service, shaping Real Estate Australia as the better choice for Real Estate.”