Selling a House in Canberra

When it comes to selling a house in Canberra, your most valuable asset, it’s important to use the best marketing strategies to your advantage. Backed by one of Canberra’s best Real Estate Agents, we’ll make sure selling your house leads to the result you’re looking for.

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An Agent with Experience

With over 25 years of experience selling homes across Canberra, our Principal Peter Tolhurst will use his lifetime of Real Estate knowledge. We’ll negotiate the best possible price for your property on Canberra’s current market.

Free Professional Photography

You only get 50 milliseconds to make a first impression online, which is why we’ll organize a free professional photo shoot of your house. Listings with attractive photo’s get more interest, which allows us to get you the best price.

Best value fee structure

We take on the risk by including everything besides advertising costs in our great value commission fee. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that if we don’t sell your property for a price you’re happy with, you won’t pay us a single cent.

Selling Methods We Use To Get Your Property Sold

Selling Homes by Auction

Ideal for when properties are in hot demand or when a property will be sought after because of desirability and its unique qualities. Demand being the keyword. Auction is only an advantage when there are many buyers who will compete for a property.

One major disadvantage is that auctions can attract bargain hunters. These buyers hunt for sellers looking for a quick sale and use lack of bids as a way to drive down the price. Auctions are also very public, so if you don’t reach your reserve price this is going to lower the perceived value of your home to any interested purchasers who chose not to bid at auction.

Selling Homes by Private Treaty

Private Treaty is about negotiating with buyers on a one-on-one basis. Attracting offers and allowing the seller to negotiate with the best (or even only interested buyer), in a more private and confidential manner.

This keeps other interest a mystery to interested buyers and is ideal for properties that would have a niche appeal to a particular demographic or when only a handful of buyer’s show interest.

Selling Homes by Price Range

Price Range is a variation of a Private Treaty sale. By indicating an attractive price point but also suggesting a higher end of the range you attract more interest whilst keeping your options open. This often leads to a strong negotiation point whilst getting your foot in the door with people who like to start their offers at the lower end of the scale.

Another advantage of Price Range sales is that if you are looking to sell quickly, you won’t be turning away buyer’s at the lower end of the spectrum. This gives you plenty of options if high value offers don’t eventuate.

Selling Homes by Price Plus

Similar to Price Range, however you don’t set a cap on the upper end. This allows even more scope for negotiations especially if there are many people interested in the property. Think of it a bit like a secret auction running over a greater period of time.

Selling Homes by Set Price

Set Price is where you offer a property at a price that will attract offers for the full price you are expecting. Occasionally offers above are made to eliminate competition, depending upon demand however the opposite is also possible with purchaser’s offering less than the indicated price.

Selling Homes by Tender

Selling by Tender is a method where contracts are issued and buyers submit a price in the form of a contract and deposit. It’s also completely confidential and one of the main advantages of Tender sales is that you’re receiving formal offers up-front, weeding out many people who aren’t serious.

The seller will sign with the buyer offering either the highest price or best terms and only with a price that is acceptable. You can also turn down all offers, returning any deposits and contracts if no price is suitable.

Marketing strategies that work

With over 25 years of experience selling houses in Canberra, Peter Tolhurst knows what appeals most to buyers. Our unique strategies ensure a healthy stream of potential buyer’s for your property.

We’re not satisfied until you are

When anyone is selling a house in Canberra, they have particular goals in mind. Whether it’s selling within a certain time-frame or selling for a particular price, we’ll do everything in our power to meet your requirements.

We’ll keep you informed at all times

Selling your house is an exciting time, and we’ll make sure to share that excitement. You’ll be kept in the loop with everything that happens – which means after hours and weekend updates if you’re busy.

“We used Real Estate Australia to sell one of our apartments in the City back in January. We wanted an agent with experience and while it wasn’t a deciding factor we were pretty keen on the fact that Peter (our owner) had grown up in Canberra and had spent most of his life in Real Estate so he knew the lore of the land.

This was our first time selling a property (we invest a lot but have always rented our properties out) and it was nice to have someone who could answer all of our questions. We had pretty clear expectations and were happy with the final price we got. Very happy with our experience.”

Amy D'Ambrosio

Residential Sales Client

A local, Canberran agency you can trust.

As one of the ACT’s best Real Estate Agencies, we’ll go above and beyond to make sure you’re satisfied. Whether it’s meeting you after hours, giving you expert advice on maintenance and renovations or providing an exceptional service with no hidden charges, we’ll make sure you get the Real Estate experience that your property deserves.

No Hidden Fees

We don’t believe in keeping secrets, which is why we promise that regardless of whether you’re selling or renting here in Canberra, all fees will be explained up front.

After Hours Service

As our lives grow constantly busier with work and other commitments, it can be hard to find the time to talk. That’s why we offer our clients true after-hours service.

Licensed, In-House Builder

With access to an unbiased and fully licensed builder, you’ll get the best maintenance and renovation advice in Canberra. We use our knowledge to keep the tradies honest.

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