Selling a House in Canberra

When it comes to selling a house in the ACT, your most valuable asset, it’s important to use the best marketing strategies to your advantage. Backed by one of Canberra’s best Real Estate agents, we’ll make sure selling your house leads to the result you’re looking for.

An Agent with Experience

With over 25 years of experience selling homes across Canberra, our Principal Peter Tolhurst will use his lifetime of Real Estate knowledge. We’ll negotiate the best possible price for your property on Canberra’s current market.

Free Professional Photography

You only get 50 milliseconds to make a first impression online, which is why we’ll organize a free professional photo shoot of your house. Listings with attractive photo’s get more interest, which allows us to get you the best price.

Best value fee structure

We take on the risk by including everything besides advertising costs in our great value commission fee. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that if we don’t sell your property for a price you’re happy with, you won’t pay us a single cent.

Sell your house for more with the best marketing strategies

With over 25 years of experience selling houses in Canberra, Peter Tolhurst knows what appeals most to buyers. Our unique strategies, focusing on using the power of the internet to sell your home and the unique advantage of having an in-house Digital Marketing Specialist ensure a healthy stream of potential buyer’s for your property.

Google Display Advertising

Google has a vast network of websites that allow advertising which we take advantage of to get eyes on your home. This includes websites such as,,, and many other well known websites as well as smaller publishers based upon our chosen demographics.

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

We’ll also use the Facebook and Instagram networks to target specific audiences with ads for your home. There are over 15 million active Australian Facebook users who share intimate details about themselves and their lives. We use this data to make sure your property is being shown to the right people.

Property Portals (Such as Allhomes)

The main place active home-hunters spend time researching is on the major property portals, such as and We’ll get your home listed on the portals that matter most.

Real Estate Australia Website

Our business name and website address attracts a substantial amount of traffic. In fact, because of our Google rankings for keywords such as “real estate, Canberra real estate, real estate agencies, real estate Australia” and others, we get between 1,100 to 2,500 unique visitors each month. Your home will be prominently displayed in our listings section, getting even more people viewing your dwelling.

People sell property for many reasons, we’ll work with yours

When anyone in Canberra looks to sell their house, they usually have certain goals in mind. Whether it’s selling your home within a certain time-frame or selling your property for a particular price, we’ll do everything in our power to meet your requirements.

Identifying Your Goals

Homeowner’s sell their property for a variety of reasons which means each Real Estate transaction will have different goals in mind. Maybe you’ve just found out you’re expecting your first child and looking to sell your house in order to up-size, so you’re trying to get the highest possible price. It could be that you’ve just been handed an opportunity to expand your business and need to raise capital as quickly as possible to make sure you don’t miss out. Whatever your goals may be, we’ll make sure we tailor the sale of your home accordingly.

Personalized Service

As a boutique Real Estate agency, we’re able to offer you highly personalized service. Instead of treating you like just another number as the larger agencies would, we tailor everything to your individual needs and property. Being boutique we’re able to get to know you on a one-to-one level, and provide advice in your language.

We’ll keep you informed on the progress of your property sale

Selling your house is an exciting time, and we’ll make sure to share that excitement. You’ll be kept in the loop with everything that happens – which means after hours and weekend updates if you’re busy.

Regular Updates

There’s nothing worse than leaving the sale of your largest asset to a stranger only to be left out of the loop. We’ll give you regular updates after open homes and let you know how negotiations progress when we’ve lined up interested buyers for your property.

After-Hours Service

Many of our clients lead busy lives, and like most people have commitments throughout the day which can’t be avoided. That’s why we promise a true after-hours service for our clients, and unlike many of the larger franchise-based agencies we don’t switch off our phones at 5PM. We’re also happy to meet over the weekend, if that’s what suits you best.

Our “No Sale, No Fee” Guarantee

We’re here to get you the best possible result for your property. Many agents like to talk the talk, but we’re here to walk it home and then some – when we say we’ll do something we do it.

That’s why if we don’t find a buyer for your property at a price you’re happy with, you won’t pay a single cent. No agency fee. No marketing fee. No portal fee. Absolutely nothing!

We’re that confident in our data driven, people based approach that if we can’t sell your house within 90 days of listing your property, we’ll wear the complete cost of your campaign. Get the ball rolling now! Start by booking a complimentary Market Appraisal for your home at a time convenient for you, or get in touch with the team now for all the details.

Our concierge service will take care of everything for you.

We pride ourselves on providing truly personalized service. That’s why we’ll organize and manage the whole process for you, so you can spend more time looking for your next home and less time worrying about selling your current one.

Our process is designed to keep things as simple and stress free as possible. Learn more about our process as we walk you through each step in detail.

Selling Methods We Use To Get Your Property Sold


Ideal for when properties are in hot demand or when a property will be sought after because of desirability and its unique qualities. Demand being the keyword. Auction is only an advantage when there are many buyers who will compete for a property.

One major disadvantage is that auctions can attract bargain hunters. These buyers hunt for sellers looking for a quick sale and use lack of bids as a way to drive down the price. Auctions are also very public, so if you don’t reach your reserve price this is going to lower the perceived value of your home to any interested purchasers who chose not to bid at auction.

Private Treaty

Private Treaty is about negotiating with buyers on a one-on-one basis. Attracting offers and allowing the seller to negotiate with the best (or even only interested buyer), in a more private and confidential manner.

This keeps other interest a mystery to interested buyers and is ideal for properties that would have a niche appeal to a particular demographic or when only a handful of buyer’s show interest.

Price Range

Price Range is a variation of a Private Treaty sale. By indicating an attractive price point but also suggesting a higher end of the range you attract more interest whilst keeping your options open. This often leads to a strong negotiation point whilst getting your foot in the door with people who like to start their offers at the lower end of the scale.

Another advantage of Price Range sales is that if you are looking to sell quickly, you won’t be turning away buyer’s at the lower end of the spectrum. This gives you plenty of options if high value offers don’t eventuate.

Price Plus

Similar to Price Range, however you don’t set a cap on the upper end. This allows even more scope for negotiations especially if there are many people interested in the property. Think of it a bit like a secret auction running over a greater period of time.

Set Price

Set Price is where you offer a property at a price that will attract offers for the full price you are expecting. Occasionally offers above are made to eliminate competition, depending upon demand however the opposite is also possible with purchaser’s offering less than the indicated price.


Selling by Tender is a method where contracts are issued and buyers submit a price in the form of a contract and deposit. It’s also completely confidential and one of the main advantages of Tender sales is that you’re receiving formal offers up-front, weeding out many people who aren’t serious.

The seller will sign with the buyer offering either the highest price or best terms and only with a price that is acceptable. You can also turn down all offers, returning any deposits and contracts if no price is suitable.

"I have never given a review before but I have to say they are THE BEST agent I have ever had. They are very professional and always keep you informed. I really appreciate all the help and effort they have given to me. You can always have a nice time chatting with them."

Simon Li via Google Reviews

"Real Estate Australia offer personalised service to their customers. We experienced this first hand on various occasions. They are always available, friendly and supportive. We're lucky to have them as our agent. 🙂 🙂 🙂"

Mary Shahin Elkhoury via Facebook Reviews

"We used Real Estate Australia to sell one of our apartments in the City back in January. We wanted an agent with experience and while it wasn't a deciding factor we were pretty keen on the fact that Peter (our owner) had grown up in Canberra and had spent most of his life in Real Estate so he knew the lore of the land.

This was our first time selling a property (we invest a lot but have always rented our properties out) and it was nice to have someone who could answer all of our questions. We had pretty clear expectations and were happy with the final price we got. Very happy with our experience."

Amy D'Ambrosio via Google Reviews

"Jane has been managing my property for the last 3 years and after dealing with a much larger agency where the property manager had no experience, I'm very happy I decided to come across. Whenever I come into the office Jane's always up for a chat which is a nice change of pace to what I've experienced before. Thanks Jane it's been a pleasure - Cheers, Seth"

Seth Anders via Google Reviews

"We are very satisfied clients of Peter's real estate agency (for property purchases, sales, and property management of all our rental properties) over the past 15+ years since 2002.

Both Peter (and Jane who deals with property management) are very hard-working people who can be trusted to be concerned with details, and they are reachable at all times."

Hea Liaw via Google Reviews

"Peter and Jane have been looking after our properties for the past two years and we are very happy with their service. Peter was very efficient at putting the rental ads up online and organising open inspections. As a result we rented our places out very quickly. we highly recommend Real Estate Australia to anyone who needs to rent or sell properties in Canberra."

Michelle Huang via Google Reviews

"Peter sold a property for me in Chapman about 6 months ago, have to admit I was a bit upset at first as he kept pushing me to get a property stylist in... 2 months later he ended up getting me about $15k more than the asking price so I made about $12k even after the rental furniture. Was very skeptical at first but I guess that's what you get when you're an old sod like me. Didn't expect such a great result and Peter always followed up when he said he would, highly recommend."

Matt O'Callaghan via Google Reviews

"Lovely staff who made finding our current home easy"

Chiyedza Murwisi via Facebook Reviews

"I have been a Tenant of one of the properties they manage for past 3 years . I found the staff are very approachable, understanding and very helpful. Highly systematic approach in managing the property starting from periodic inspections to any maintenance request , their approach and communications are highly commendable ."

Shiva Sivasubramaniam via Google Reviews

"they've been looking after our place n it hasn't burnt down yet so they must be doing something right!"

Kyle and Grace via Google Reviews

"Friendly staff who are professional but genuinely care about their tenants."

Yvonne Anthoney via Facebook Reviews

A local, Canberran agency you can trust.

As one of the ACT’s best Real Estate Agencies, we’ll go above and beyond to make sure you’re satisfied. Whether it’s meeting you after hours, giving you expert advice on maintenance and renovations or providing an exceptional service with no hidden charges, we’ll make sure you get the Real Estate experience that your property deserves.

No Hidden Fees

We don’t believe in keeping secrets, which is why we promise that regardless of whether you’re selling or renting here in Canberra, all fees will be explained up front.

After Hours Service

As our lives grow constantly busier with work and other commitments, it can be hard to find the time to talk. That’s why we offer our clients true after-hours service.

Licensed, In-House Builder

With access to an unbiased and fully licensed builder, you’ll get the best maintenance and renovation advice in Canberra. We use our knowledge to keep the tradies honest.

Find out how we'll sell your home for more. Book in a free, no obligation phone consultation now.

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