The Top 3 Rooms To Focus On When Selling Property

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get into a buyer’s head and know exactly what they think of your home? What do they love about your property? Why do they love it? And what could you do to convince them to make an offer?

Many buyers – especially those who aren’t purchasing an investment property – are searching for a property they can make a genuine connection with. They’re looking for a home that ticks all the right boxes and gives them that “special feeling”. But a feeling can’t be quantified; it can’t be used to create a strategy that drives tangible results… Or can it?

Experts believe there are particular rooms in your home that buyers are most likely to make a connection with, and if you focus specifically on these rooms your chances of attracting that ideal offer increase greatly.

Styling a home to attract potential buyers

As a seller, it’s important to get into the headspace of those most likely to lay down an offer on your prized abode. This is something your real estate agent can help with – the main goal is to create a neutral ambience appealing to the different tastes of the different types of buyers most likely to purchase your specific property. Ideally, your home should also be something buyers remember. Not because of some gimmicky “sales pitch” linked to your home, but rather because of that magic “special feeling” they get each time they set foot inside your property.

When buyers initially pop by to experience your listing in person, it’s probably not the first home they’ve visited. They’ve already seen several homes in their price range and until they find that perfect pad which calls out to them, probably plan on inspecting many more.

You need to make your home memorable by focusing your attention on what they’re already looking for; focusing on the rooms they’re already interested in.

Which 3 rooms will buyers focus on first?


The kitchen is the heart of the home, even for buyers who don’t cook too often. That’s because the kitchen is an informal gathering spot. Buyers will certainly spend more time in the kitchen than anywhere else – opening cabinets, viewing appliances, trying to gauge the size of the kitchen and wondering if they’ll need to spend any leftover/extra funds getting it renovated.

Without breaking the bank, the best thing you can do is to ensure your kitchen is immaculately clean and your cupboards and pantry are neatly organized and clutter-free. Don’t forget to look over the cupboard hinges; ensure that all cupboards close without effort and sit straight – a bit of WD40 or similar lubricant will often do the trick. It’s also important that your countertops don’t have unnecessary or well-used/dirty appliances on them. Invest some time in thoroughly polishing any stainless steel, particularly the sink, to the point where surface scratches are barely visible. We’d also recommend removing stickers and magnets from the fridge to get your kitchen as close to a blank canvas as possible.

Depending on the age and condition of the property, it could also be worthwhile to invest a small amount in a “mini-makeover”. Replacing the cabinet handles and the tap fittings is relatively low cost and can really make a difference to presentation. Replacing the exhaust fan and vent covering is worthwhile, especially if your kitchen has been well-loved, as this will get rid of any leftover odours and grease stains. Filling small cosmetic cracks from natural land movement and giving the property a new coat of paint can also give the room a fresh feeling without costing an arm and a leg.

Living Room

Not every buyer has the same idea of what a living space should look like, and it’s likely that your tastes will differ from theirs. Thankfully, you’re not selling the furniture, you’re selling a property. Staging your home for sale, and the furniture you use, is still going to play an important role in the process though as this helps to fill out the space and makes it easy to imagine what living there would be like.

With the right furnishings and décor, you can reshape the room’s atmosphere, making each space feel that little bit larger and more welcoming. Don’t forget to remove any personal knick-knacks and family photographs as they subconsciously symbolize the residence belongs to someone else.

Deep cleaning the upholstery in the living room to remove any obvious stains and smells is a smart move. Also, simple touches like adding a throw blanket or brightly coloured decorative cushions and vases can help to liven up the space whilst having the added benefit of making the entire dwelling more memorable.

Master Bedroom (and Ensuite)

Whoever is viewing the home will be sleeping in the master bedroom – so their opinion matters most. There’s not much you can do to the design of the master bedroom, but sometimes rearranging your furniture can create a flow that’s more appealing to buyers and make the whole room feel more spacious. Regardless of whether you’re a fan of open spaces, many buyers appreciate the minimalist look, so keeping the age-old adage “less is more” in mind when redecorating should serve you well.

Remember that buyers will probably want to inspect the wardrobe, built-in cupboards and bathroom cabinets – so be sure that they’re as spacious and inviting as possible. Just like all other rooms, the master bedroom should be spotless, with limited yet high-impact decorations.

To seal the deal, you can invest in new, clean and modern bedding set in a neutral colour to make your room more welcoming to buyers.

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Affordable ways you can make your home more desirable

Breaking the bank shouldn’t be a requirement for preparing your home for sale. The trick to a budget conscious “mini-makeover” is to simply highlight the standout features which make your home more valuable and appealing over the competition. Features like natural lighting, larger rooms, a large backyard – things your home already has which allow a buyer to envision their own space.

Remove the heavy curtains and brighten up those walls

Natural lighting is highly desired, and you’ll find it is the mark of several upmarket homes. Capitalizing on that same “upmarket” look can be as simple as painting the walls throughout your home a lighter shade, as lighter shades reflect light. This way, even when the sun isn’t shining through, the room still appears brighter, well-lit and spacious. Another trick to ensuring your home appears brighter is to remove dark, heavy drapery and replace it with light curtains or blinds.

Give your lawns some love

You don’t need to singlehandedly drain the Cotter’s reserves to get your lawns looking pristine green. When getting your property ready for market the ideal solution, if your grass is looking a little worse for wear, would be to completely returf with pre-grown strips of lawn or replace with a realistic looking synthetic lawn. This can be quite expensive though, and not everyone has that kind of money sitting aside and readily available.

A much more affordable alternative to completely returfing is grass colourant. You can spray these magic products onto discoloured lawn to bring out that beautiful green glow and get it looking like it was the day it was first laid. These products can be picked up for as little as $30 and make a big difference to the presentation of your gardens.

Besides the colour of your grass, keeping the lawns tidy and free of clutter like kids’ toys and leaves is the best practice. Most importantly, for those with beloved canine companions, be sure their waste isn’t around for potential purchasers to step in as this is a sure way to leave a bad taste (or rather… smell) that could really put them off your listing.

Embrace your inner minimalist

While you may adore your little decorative nuances and homely touches, too many plants, furniture that’s large and heavy, in addition to bulky ornaments or decor can draw a buyer’s attention away from the size of the room. What most buyers want is more space, or at least the perception of more space.

When you’re trying to sell your home, it’s a good idea to either get rid excess furniture by holding a garage sale or putting it away in storage until the home has sold. Sometimes it’s easier to sell an empty home over a furnished one because buyers can envision the space as their own. They also get an accurate idea of how spacious it is.

If you’re still in your home when it’s being placed on the market the best course of action is to go with a minimalist approach. Getting guidance from an experienced real estate agent will also prove valuable, as they’ll be able to give you an honest outsiders perspective of how your property looks.


It’s often the little details that make the biggest difference. There’s a reason companies like Apple charge a premium price for their products – usually it’s those tiny finishing touches that have people raving. Separating your emotions from the process can be difficult, but just like the latest iPhone your property is a product for sale too… just with a much larger price tag!

By focusing on making the kitchen, the living room and the master bedroom more presentable you are improving the chances of finding a perfect buyer for your dwelling. More offers mean more competition, which as any economist will tell you leads to higher prices. Adding a dash of colour and making each space feel bigger and brighter will only lead to a better financial result for you and your family.

Most buyers looking at entry and mid-ranged homes aren’t expecting perfection, but rather a structurally superior home that’ll be a great investment long-term. The reasons you initially purchased your prized abode are the same reasons prospective buyers will be drawn in; you just need to ensure buyers see the value in your home as much as you do.

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