Online Property Value Estimate & Digital Appraisal

Find out how much your home is worth.

We’ve teamed up with one of Australia’s leading data providers to give you an instant online property value estimation based on “Big Data”, as well as showing you properties that have recently sold nearby.

If your property is inside of the ACT, you’ll also receive a detailed Digital Appraisal within 48 hours. Your Digital Appraisal will provide a more detailed report on the property you’ve entered, as well as a more accurate figure of what your home would likely sell for in the current market.

Your online appraisal will be manually calculated by Peter Tolhurst, Principal of Real Estate Australia and an expert Real Estate agent with more than 25 years of experience selling houses and units across Canberra.

This easy online process provides you with an informal property valuation and appraisal that shows you how much your home is likely worth based on current trends within the market. Get started by clicking the button below.

How much is your home worth?

Find out how much any property in Canberra is worth with our simple 3 step process.

Knowing the equity you have in your property is valuable, especially if you’re deciding whether you should put your home on the market.

To make it as easy as possible for homeowner’s to find out their property value, we’ve created a simple 3 step process which is mostly done online to save you time and make reaching a decision simple.

Step 1: Fill in some details.

Instant Property Value Estimate

How does the Online Property Value Estimate work?

Using statistical information and complex calculations provided by CoreLogic, Australia’s leading property data provider, our Online Property Value Estimate crunches the numbers to give you an instant ballpark figure for what your home may be worth. Your estimate is based on “Big Data” which is provided by the same source of statistics the big banks rely on.

Is it an accurate way to see how much my home would sell for?

Whilst it does crunch a lot of data to give you a rough valuation of your property, computers can’t quite replace humans just yet. It’s a great way to see roughly what your home may be worth in order to start looking at where you might move to. This is why we follow up with a much more accurate Digital Appraisal which is actually calculated by a local Real Estate agent to ensure you get an accurate idea of how much your home may sell for.

Step 2: Receive by email.

Digital Property Appraisal

How does the Digital Appraisal work?

We combine the information you provided to us during the first step with various other sources and our local expertise to calculate a much more thorough Digital Appraisal. We’ll prepare this for you online and once it’s ready, usually within 72 hours, we’ll email it straight to your inbox.

Who will be calculating my Digital Appraisal?

Your Digital Appraisal will be personally calculated by Peter Tolhurst, the Principal of Real Estate Australia. Peter’s been selling homes across Canberra for over 25 years and will use this expertise to ensure the online appraisal of your property is as accurate as possible.

What factors are assessed for the Digital Appraisal?

Your online appraisal will consider much more detail including market trends, homes recently sold in your area, comparable listings on the market, publicly accessible statistics for your home and other sources of data our agent believes is relevant.

How accurate are online appraisals if you can't see my home?

It’s difficult to say as each home has unique features that give value to different types of buyers. In saying that, we have access to a variety of data from some of the best providers in Australia. Since we’re also a local, boutique agency we have an intimate knowledge of Canberra’s housing market which allows us to be as accurate as possible. This is why we’d always recommend following up with a formal in-home appraisal to make sure you get the right advice.

Step 3: Book in a time.

In-Home Market Appraisal

How does the In-Home Market Appraisal work?

An in-home market appraisal is like a formal quotation from a Real Estate agent. A wide range of features are assessed and drawn up into a full report detailing a price they’re confident they can sell your house or apartment for. They’ll also look at which demographic your home appeals to most and decide which marketing and selling strategy will get you the best results.

Does an In-Home Market Appraisal cost me anything?

As long as you’re dealing with a reputable agent, then no it won’t cost you at all. It’s got a fancy name, but it’s pretty much the same principal as when you ask a tradesperson to come out and quote for work to be done on your property.

Where can I learn more about or book an In-Home Market Appraisal?

If you’d like to book an appointment, or you’re interested in learning a little bit more about the different features we assess during your in-home property appraisal head on over to our Market Appraisals page.

"I have never given a review before but I have to say they are THE BEST agent I have ever had. They are very professional and always keep you informed. I really appreciate all the help and effort they have given to me. You can always have a nice time chatting with them."

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"Real Estate Australia offer personalised service to their customers. We experienced this first hand on various occasions. They are always available, friendly and supportive. We're lucky to have them as our agent. 🙂 🙂 🙂"

Mary Shahin Elkhoury via Facebook Reviews

"We used Real Estate Australia to sell one of our apartments in the City back in January. We wanted an agent with experience and while it wasn't a deciding factor we were pretty keen on the fact that Peter (our owner) had grown up in Canberra and had spent most of his life in Real Estate so he knew the lore of the land.

This was our first time selling a property (we invest a lot but have always rented our properties out) and it was nice to have someone who could answer all of our questions. We had pretty clear expectations and were happy with the final price we got. Very happy with our experience."

Amy D'Ambrosio via Google Reviews

"Jane has been managing my property for the last 3 years and after dealing with a much larger agency where the property manager had no experience, I'm very happy I decided to come across. Whenever I come into the office Jane's always up for a chat which is a nice change of pace to what I've experienced before. Thanks Jane it's been a pleasure - Cheers, Seth"

Seth Anders via Google Reviews

"We are very satisfied clients of Peter's real estate agency (for property purchases, sales, and property management of all our rental properties) over the past 15+ years since 2002.

Both Peter (and Jane who deals with property management) are very hard-working people who can be trusted to be concerned with details, and they are reachable at all times."

Hea Liaw via Google Reviews

"Peter and Jane have been looking after our properties for the past two years and we are very happy with their service. Peter was very efficient at putting the rental ads up online and organising open inspections. As a result we rented our places out very quickly. we highly recommend Real Estate Australia to anyone who needs to rent or sell properties in Canberra."

Michelle Huang via Google Reviews

"Peter sold a property for me in Chapman about 6 months ago, have to admit I was a bit upset at first as he kept pushing me to get a property stylist in... 2 months later he ended up getting me about $15k more than the asking price so I made about $12k even after the rental furniture. Was very skeptical at first but I guess that's what you get when you're an old sod like me. Didn't expect such a great result and Peter always followed up when he said he would, highly recommend."

Matt O'Callaghan via Google Reviews

"Lovely staff who made finding our current home easy"

Chiyedza Murwisi via Facebook Reviews

"I have been a Tenant of one of the properties they manage for past 3 years . I found the staff are very approachable, understanding and very helpful. Highly systematic approach in managing the property starting from periodic inspections to any maintenance request , their approach and communications are highly commendable ."

Shiva Sivasubramaniam via Google Reviews

"they've been looking after our place n it hasn't burnt down yet so they must be doing something right!"

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"Friendly staff who are professional but genuinely care about their tenants."

Yvonne Anthoney via Facebook Reviews

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